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Prefectural Tax Office

Hi, everyone!
Do you know about the Prefectural Tax Office?
They are responsible for taking care of prefectural taxes such as corporate enterprise tax, individual enterprise tax, automobile tax, automobile acquisition tax, real estate acquisition tax, light oil delivery tax, industrial waste tax, and so on.

“Taxes” are like membership fees for us to live in a safe society. If you fail to pay before the deadline or submit an incorrect return, in addition to the original tax fee, you will also be responsible for penalties or other fees.

Gunma Prefecture has produced leaflets which are available in 6 different languages explaining about prefectural taxes and information about prefectural tax offices and automobile tax offices and on line as well.

The Isesaki Government Prefectural Tax Office and The Tobu (Ota city) Prefectural Tax Office provide consultations at their service counter, as well as on the phone. For more details, please check the following websites.

Consultation Service for Foreigners

Isesaki Government Prefectural Tax Office: Every fourth Sunday 9:00~12:00, 13:00~15:30 (English, Spanish, Portuguese)
Tobu Prefectural Tax Office: Every fourth Sunday 9:00~16:00 (Portuguese, Spanish)

Prefectural Tax Information in English:
Prefectural Tax Information in Tagalog:
Prefectural Tax Information in Vietnamese:
Prefectural Tax Information in Spanish:
Prefectural Tax Information in Portuguese:
Prefectural Tax Information in Chinese:

(Effective September 2010)

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