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Kodomo Teate (Child Allowance)

What is it?

The current Jido Teate (Child Support Allowance) is being replaced with Kodomo Teate (Child Care Payments). Payment eligibility has been extended to cover children up until graduation from Junior High School. Income restrictions have also been removed.

Effective April 2010, a child allowance will be available to persons who have registered as residents in Japan or who have completed their alien registration and are raising children who meet the requirements to receive the new child allowance and supporting them with their own income. However, people whose residence (visa) status is “short-stay” or “entertainer”, or people who do not have a status of residence do not qualify to receive a child allowance.

How much is the allowance?

13,000 yen per month, per child (Junior High School aged and below) Payment is made three times per year (June, October, and February) in lump sum payments for the 4 months up to the month prior to payment. Payment is made by bank transfer to the account of the person raising the child. Regarding the June 2010 allowance payment, since the system began in April, the amount to be paid on this occasion is for 2 months (April and May).

Who is eligible?

Children from 0 years old until the age of finishing junior high school (the first March 31 after becoming 15 years old) meet the requirements. This does not apply only to children living in Japan; it also applies to children living overseas. However, in such circumstances, documents of proof, etc. are required. Check with your local municipality for more information.

How to receive payments:

Different municipalities use different payment application methods, so it’s important to contact your local municipality to find out about what you should do to receive payments.

An application must be made in order to receive a child allowance payment. To receive a child allowance, you must fill out a form called Kodomo Teate Nintei Shinsei Sho (Child Allowance Authorization Application Form), assemble all necessary documents, and make an application at the application office of your local municipality.

Necessary documents include the followings:

Foreign-language consultation services by major municipalities:

For your information, major differences between the current Jido Teate and the new Kodomo Teate are summarized in the table below.

  Kodomo Teate Jido Teate
Eligibility Children who were born from April 2, 1995 onwards. As a general rule and according to the Jido Teate, payment will be made to the parents/guardians who have custody (and are rearing/supervising) the eligible children. Guardians who are raising elementary school aged children
Amount of allowance JPY13,000 (Apr. 2010 – Mar. 2011) JPY10,000 for all children under three years of age;
JPY5,000 for the 1st & 2nd children who are three or older;
JPY10,000 for the 3rd child and above who are age three and older
Payment months Feb., June, Oct. annually Feb., June, Oct. annually
Income restrictions Do not apply Apply

(Effective May 2010)

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