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AIDS Counseling And Testing

Being infected with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) can lead to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). AIDS does not develop immediately after HIV infection; rather there is a long period of incubation that may run from a few years to ten years or longer. Most HIV carriers have no subjective symptoms during the incubation period and do not become aware of the infection. They may expose others to the risk of infection. Without treatment, viruses continue to multiply and destroy lymphocytes that play a key role in the immune system. Immunity decreases gradually during the incubation period, and eventually AIDS develops.

Early treatment saves life.

Receiving treatments from doctors using anti-HIV drugs, the development of AIDS can now be prevented or delayed. The treatment must start before immunity decreases in order to produce a positive effect. AIDS is no longer necessarily fatal.

What can I do if I'm worried about infection?

First of all, consult with a doctor or take a test. Health and Welfare Offices (hokenjo) in Gunma will help you by providing the following services. You need to make a reservation before visiting.

Your privacy is guaranteed, so rest assured and take advantage of these services.

Inquiry: Health Management Division, Department of Health & Welfare, Gunma Prefectural Government Phone: 027-226-2609
AIDS Emergency Call Number: 027-223-4911 (8:30 to 17:15 Monday through Friday)

List of addresses and phone numbers of Health and Welfare Offices (Hokenjo) in Gunma

Shibukawa 0279-22-4166 394 Kanai, Shibukawa
Isesaki 0270-25-5066 499 Shimouekicho, Isesaki
West District (Takasaki) 027-322-5101 6 Takamatsucho, Takasaki
Fujioka 0274-22-1420 2-5 Shimotozuka, Fujioka
Tomioka 0274-62-1541 343-1 Tajima, Tomioka
Agatsuma 0279-75-3303 183-1 Nishinakanojo, Nakanojo-machi
Tone Numata 0278-23-2185 4412 Usunemachi, Numata
East District (Ota) 0276-31-2555 41-34 Nishihoncho, Ota
Kiryu 0277-53-4131 2-351 Aoiocho, Kiryu
Tatebayashi 0276-72-3230 1-2-25 Okaido, Tatebayashi
Maebashi 027-220-5779 3-36-17 Asahicho, Maebashi

(Effective March 2010)

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