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I want to know more about the various vaccinations available.

Japanese laws, including the Preventive Vaccination Act, require people to receive vaccinations as listed in the table below. Foreign residents can receive vaccinations in the municipality where they are registered. Some vaccinations are free of charge; others require a partial payment by recipients.

Periodical Preventive Vaccinations (required by law)

Vaccinations Age Number of doses
Polio 3 to 18 months 2 doses (at a 6-week or longer interval)
Diphtheria-Pertussis- Tetanus vaccine (DPT Vaccine) 1st term Initial 3 to 12 months 3 doses (at 3 to 8-week intervals)
1st term Additional 12 to 18 months After 1st term Initial 1 dose
Diphtheria-Tetanus 2nd term 2nd term 11 to under 13 1 dose
Measles-Rubella vaccine 1st term 12 to 24 months 1 dose
2nd term Preschool toddler (Oldest in kindergarten/a year before elementary school) 1 dose
3rd term 13 to 18 years 1 dose
Japanese encephalitis (JE) 1st term Initial 3 to under 7 years & 6 months 2 doses (at a 1 to 4-week interval)
Additional Allow about one year from the 1st term initial 1 dose
2nd term 9 to 13 years 1 dose
BCG Under 4 who have a negative tuberculin skin test 1 dose
Influenza 60 years or older with bad heart/lungs/ kidney and 65 years or older 1 dose annually

Important reminders of receiving vaccinations

Voluntary vaccinations

Vaccinations not listed in the above table such as chickenpox and mumps are voluntary. You can be inoculated against cholera, etc. before going abroad, which is also voluntary. Not all hospitals or clinics provide all types of vaccinations. Consult with your nearest hospital.

Inquiry: Contact the Health Section of your municipality.

To find out which hospital to go, click on the list of hospitals providing vaccinations in Gunma.

(Effective February 2010)

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