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Japanese Medical Insurance System IV

Nursing-care Insurance System

The nursing-care insurance System is a program in which the society supports the elderly to lead independent lives even when they may need certain types of nursing care.  The program is provided by municipalities and requires coverage for everyone that is 65 years or older as well as for those who are between 40 and 64 and subscribe to either social or national health insurance programs.  The insurants who have been designated by the municipality as being in need of nursing care will be covered by this insurance for receiving nursing-care services.  Even if you do not have Japanese nationality, you are required to join the program if you are a registered foreigner and plan to stay in Japan for more than a year.

Details of the Nursing-care Insurance System

For more information, contact the person in charge of social insurance at your place of employment or nursing-care insurance section of your municipality.

(Effective January 2010)

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