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Japanese Medical Insurance II

The National Health Insurance

If you are registered as an alien and are holding a residence status valid for more than one year of residence, or if you will definitely be staying in Japan for more than a year (an approval of the mayor required), and are not enrolled in the health insurance program, you are qualified to join the national health insurance program. Your dependents are also eligible for the same coverage you receive.
*Illegal residents and illegal workers cannot join.
*Employees of a corporation, government offices, school, and other institutions are to join the social health insurance programs of the places of work.

Application Formalities

To apply, you need to visit the national health insurance section of your municipality in Person.

Required Documents
Alien registration card (if you have not yet stayed in Japan a year, you are required to present a municipality- issued certificate to prove that you will be staying for more than a year)


Your premiums will be calculated based on the number of dependents and the amount of income you have earned in Japan during the previous year. In the event that you earned no income in Japan during the previous year, the premium for your first year in Japan will be the minimum amount.


Medical Costs
Bring your national health insurance card with you when you receive medical treatment. 70% of the cost will be covered by the insurance, and you will only have to pay 30%. For children who have not finished compulsory education, 80% of the medical cost will be covered and 20% will need to be paid by the insurant.

Lump-sum Confinement Allowance
As a rule, 420,000 yen is paid directly to hospitals and obstetric clinics as a lump sum for the birth of a child. (There will be a slight difference in the amount depending on municipalities.)

Funeral Allowance
If the insurant passes away, an allowance is paid to cover a part of the funeral cost.

Large Medical Expenses
If the medical expenses for one person in one month exceed a certain level, the surplus will be covered.

Insurance Card

A national health insurance card will be issued to each of the insured persons. If you do not present the card when receiving a medical treatment, you will have to pay for the entire cost. When details printed on the card need to be changed, for example, when your address changes, you need to notify the municipality. When you are moving to another municipality or leaving Japan, return your card to the municipality that issued it. A new card will be issued from your new municipality. You have to let them know about these changes within 14 days.

The program does not cover the following

Cost for health check-ups, inoculations, cosmetic surgeries, orthodonture, and normal confinements.

Contact: Prefectural National Health Insurance / 027-226-2672

(Effective November 2009)

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