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New Flu

The new flu is a strain of flu virus, originally mutated from an animal strain, which is continuing to spread among people. Few people are immune to the new flu. It is likely to be more widespread than the usual flu which could result in an epidemic or even pandemic. Therefore effective measures against this new flu are essential.

What Are the Symptoms of the New Flu?

Patients develop similar symptoms as the seasonal flu such as a runny nose, sore throat, high fever (38℃ or higher), fatigue, headache and muscle pain. Some patients feel nausea, throw up or have diarrhea.
*Please be advised that new symptoms of this flu are likely to be announced since it is subject to mutations and changing.

Protect Yourself, Your Family, and Your Community

What to Do If You Get Flu-Like Symptoms

If you come from a country where the new flu was detected, or come into contact with an infected patient and have developed the new flu symptom(s), be sure to call one of the telephone consultation centers below before seeing a doctor. In order to prevent the spread of the new flu in medical facilities, please DO NOT go directly to any medical institution before consultation.

Telephone Consultations on Fever
9am – 5:30pm Everyday (Weekends and Nat’l holidays are included)

Please Go to This Center If You Are a Resident of This Area TEL
Gunma-ken Hoken Yobo-ka Whole Prefecture 027-226-2617
Seibu Hoken Fukushi Jimusho Takasaki-shi, Annaka-shi 027-322-5101
Isesaki Hoken Fukushi Jimusho Isesaki, Tamamura-machi 0270-25-5066
Tobu Hoken Fukushi Jimusho Ota-shi 0276-31-8243
Tatebayashi Hoken Fukushi Jimusho Tatebayashi-shi, Ora-gun 0276-72-3230
Kiryu Hoken Fukushi Jimusho Kiryu-shi, Midori-shi 0277-53-4131
Shibukawa Hoken Fukushi Jimusho Shibukawa-shi, Kita Gunma-gun 0279-22-4166
Fujioka Hoken Fukushi Jimusho Fujioka-shi, Tano-gun 0274-22-1420
Tomioka Hoken Fukushi Jimusho Tomioka-shi, Kanra-gun 0274-62-1541
Agatsuma Hoken Fukushi Jimusho Agatsuma-gun 0279-75-3303
Tone Numata Hoken Fukushi Jimusho Numata-shi, Tone-gun 0278-23-2185
Maebashi Hoken-jo Maebashi-shi 027-220-5781/5779

For your reference;

World Health Organization (WHO)
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Gunma Prefectural Government

(Effective May 2009)

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