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Japanese Lessons in Gunma
Venue Mebashi-shi Chuo Komin-kan in Maebashi Plaza Genki 21
c/o Maebashi Plaza Genki 21, 2-12-1 Hon-machi Maebashi
Day-Time -Small Group Lessons
Wed 10:15~11:45, Sat 10:15~11:45
-Group Lessons (Introductory, Beginner I, Beginner II)
Wed 18:30~20:00, Sat 18:30~20:00
Venue Maebashi-shi Soja Komin-kan
1596-1 Soja Soja-machi Maebashi
Day-Time Thurs 18:30~20:00
Fee Free
Terms May~July, Sep~Dec, Jan~March
App. & Inq. Maebashi Int'l Ass.
Tel. 027-243-7788
Venue Takasaki-shi Chuo Komin-kan
27 Suehiro-cho Takasaki
Day-Time Tues 10:00~12:00, Thurs 19:00~20:30,
Sat 13:30~15:30
Venue Nakai Komin-kan
3-21-1 Nakai-machi, Takasaki
Day-Time Wed 18:30~20:00
Venue Gunma Fukushi Kaikan
977-1 Munadaka-machi Takasaki
Day-Time Mon 19:00~20:45, Wed 16:30~18:15
Venue Shinmachi Bunka Hall
3190-1 Shinmachi, Takasaki
Day-Time Wed 10:00~11:45
Sat 10:00~11:45
Venue Yoshii Nishi Community Center
525 Nagane, Yoshii-machi, Takasaski
Day-Time Tue. 19:00~20:30
Fee ¥500/Term
Terms April~July, Sep~Dec, Jan~Mar (An additional July-Sep term at Jiyukukanmichikusa Kyoshitsu)
App. & Inq. Takasaki Int'l Relations Ass.
Tel. 027-321-1201
Venue Kiryu-shi Seinen-no-ie
1-8-37 Naka-machi Kiryu
Day-Time Sat 10:30~12:00
Fee Free
Terms May~July, Sep~Nov, Jan~March
App. & Inq. Kiryu Int'l Exchange Ass.
Tel. 0277-46-1111
Venue Shimin Koryu-kan at Isesaki-shi Kasurino-sato
1712-2 Showa-cho, Isesaki
Day-Time Sun Morning class: 9:30~11:30 Afternoon class: 13:30~15:30
Fee ¥1,500/Term
Terms May~July, Sep~Nov, Jan~March
Venue Suian, Room 201 SOA Building
Room 201 SOA Bldg., 20-1 Hon-machi, Isesaki
Day-Time Japanese Class for Children "Mirai-juku" Sat 9:30-11:30
Fee ¥1,000/Month
Terms Throughout the year
App. & Inq. Isesaki Int'l Relations Ass.
Tel. 0270-27-2731
Venue Ota-shi Kokusai Koryu Center
2-7 Hama-cho, Ota
2nd Floor, Ota Shiyakusho Minamichosha (South Office of Ota City Hall)
Day-Time Sun 14:00~16:00, Tues 18:30~20:30, Wed 13:30~15:30
Fee ¥500/Term
Terms April~July, Sep~Dec, Jan~March
Venue Ota-shi Kizaki Gyosei Center
1215-1 Nitta-Kizaki-cho Ota
Day-Time Mon 19:00~20:30
Fee Free
Terms April~June, July~September, October~December, January~March
App. & Inq. Ota Int'l Ass
Tel. 0276-48-1001
Venue Numata-shi Chuo Komin-kan
829-1 Higashi-kurauchi-machi Numata
Day-Time Tues 19:00~20:30
Fee Free
Terms April~July, September~December, Februay~March
App. & Inq. Numata Int'l Ass.
Tel. 0278-23-2111
Venue Jonuma Komin-kan
1-22-22 Matsubara Tatebayashi
Day-Time Mon 19:30~21:00
Venue Takajomachi Nagayamon
7-29 Ote-machi Tatebayashi
Day-Time Mon 10:00~11:30, Tues 10:00~11:30
Venue Bunbuku Komin-kan
847-7 Bunbuku-cho Tatebayashi
Day-Time Thurs 10:00~11:30
Fee Free
Terms Throughout The Year (Except for summer and spring breaks)
App. & Inq. Tatebayashi Int'l Ass.
Tel. 0276-72-4111
Venue Shibukawa-shi Chuo Komin-kan
908-21 Shibukawa Shibukawa
Day-Time Tues 10:00~11:30, 19:00~20:30
Fee ¥3,000/year
Terms Throughout The Year (Except for August, national holidays, Year-end & the New Year holidays)
App. & Inq. Shibukawa Int'l Ass.
Tel. 0279-22-2396
Venue Fujioka-shi Sogo Gakushu Center
1485 Fujioka Fujioka
Day-Time Fri 19:00~21:00
Fee Free
Terms Throughout The Year (No classes in August for summer break)
App. & Inq. Fujioka Int'l Ass.
Tel. 0274-40-2428
Venue Tomioka-shi Shogai Gakushu Center
400-1 Nanokaichi Tomioka
Day-Time Thurs 19:00~21:00, Sun 10:00~11:30
Fee Free
Terms Thurs Throughout The Year (Except for the 5th Thursday of a month) *Please inquire for more details.
App. & Inq. Tomioka Int'l Ass.
Tel. 0274-62-1511
Venue Shinto-mura Chuo Kominkan
797 Yamakoda, Shinto-mura, Kitagunma-gun
Day-Time Sunday, 10:00~11:30
Fee ¥1,000
Terms From the end of August to early November (Ten lessons a year)
App. & Inq. Shinto International Association
Tel. 0279-54-2211
Venue Tamamura-machi Kinrosha Center
227-1 Shimo-shinden Tamamura-machi Sawa-gun
Day-Time Fri 19:30~21:00, Sat 13:30~15:00
Fee ¥500/Year
Terms Throughout The Year (No lessons from late July to the end of August for summer break and on year-end & the New Year holidays)
App. & Inq. Tamamura Int'l Ass.
Tel. 0270-65-7155
Venue Oizumi-machi Komin-kan (Minami Bekkan)
2011-1 Yoshida Oizumi-machi
  Throughout The Year Japanese-Language
Proficiency Test N1 & N2
Fee ¥1,000 for 10-class ticket ¥1,000/Term (Additional charges may apply for textbooks)
Day-Time 19:30-21:00 Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 19:00-21:00 (Wed of July, Aug, Dec, Jan. Feb. & Mar) 10:00-12:00 Sun (No class on national holidays, Dec 29-Jan 3, GW holidays, & Obon holidays) N1 Course Sat 9:30~10:45
N2 Course Sat 11:00~12:30
Terms Throughout The Year May~July, September~November
App. & Inq. Oizumi International Association
Tel. 080-6812-0152
Venue Annaka-shi Kokusai Koryu House
1-23-13 Annaka Annaka
Day-Time Mon., Tue., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun. *Please call us for time of classes.
Fee ¥1,000
Terms Throughout The Year (Except for national holidays from the end of April to the beginning of May, August, and on year-end & the New Year holidays)
App. & Inq. Annaka Int'l Ass.
Tel. 027-380-5688
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