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Gunma Association of Tourism, Local Products & International Exchange (GTIA) provides foreign residents with various services as follows in order to promote tourism, local products, and internationalization in Gunma.

Consultations for Residents

Our foreign language-speaking staff answer questions about living in Gunma from 8:30a.m. to 5p.m. during weekdays. See below table for their hours. We also hold “Legal Consultation Day for Foreigners” a couple of times a year where you can obtain advice from legal professionals with no charge.

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Interpretation / Translation Services

Use our Interpretation/Translation Services when necessary. English, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish are available.

Providing Information in Foreign Languages

We provide various information useful to foreign residents in Gunma via website (monthly update) and a newsletter (bi-monthly). To obtain the information, please .

Name Gunma Association of Tourism, Local Products & International Exchange
Address 371-0026 2-1-1 Ote-machi Maebashi Gunma, Gunma Kaikan3F
Tel. 027-243-7271
FAX 027-243-7275
Business Hours Mon ~ Fri 8301730
Holidays Saturdays. Sundays. National Holidays,
New Year's Holiday (Dec. 29 through Jan. 3)
Languages English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese

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